Journey Towards Progression

After building an aggregation website we started visiting gyms with goal to list them. As we were struggling to onboard them, we found out that they had a completely different problem to tackle, a simple Biometric Enabled System. So we quickly build and MVP and onboarded our initial customers.

How many times have you purchased a membership at gym but never went only after 2 days? Well that’s what 73% of the members do and It’s called Retention. We quickly saw that the biggest painpoint is not Entry Restriction but Retention and Progression.

So we went out. We visited 3 cities, met with 100+ Gym owners to understand the key problems they have. We even ran a gym for 3 months to understand each process in more detail. We saw that the tools they use are complex, not retention focused and don’t really help someone become Fit and Progress.

We dream of Konnecting People with Fitness and hopefully you now understand that we are not just another Software Company. It’s not easy to task but we can together solve Retention and make Progression!

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